Cat & Terex Mining Components Sale WA

Opens: Thursday, 14 February 2019 11:00 AM (AEST)
Closes: Thursday, 28 February 2019 2:00 PM (AEST)
LOCATION   Argyle Mine Site, Argyle WA
8.8% INC GST
Stephen Amy
0418 131 161
Stephen Amy
0418 131 161
Catalogue No. 366
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Please note auction bidding (including time extensions) and maximum bid instructions on the bottom of these sale specific terms

*** Sale closes 28th February @ 12pm AWST***

This sale is conducted on a GST inclusive basis. Your bid includes GST.

8.8% incl GST buyers’ premium

Wednesday 20th -Thursday 21st February 9.00am-12.00pm
All visitors must sign in at security and will be escorted onsite
Visitor’s details and preferred inspection day to be submitted to Stephen Amy for site approval well in advance of inspection

Site PPE Requirements for Inspection and Collection.
·Hi-Vis Shirt, Steel Capped Boots, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses

Loadout and Collection Terms.
1. All Lots to be collected no later than Thursday 28th March 2019.
2. A transport / load out schedule to be submitted to Stephen Amy for approval by site well in advance of removal plan.
3. Minimum of 3 days’ notice of pick-up required (phone Stephen on 0418 131 161)
4. All Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws to be adhered by in full.
5. All trailers loaded will be done so within legislated load limits and in accordance with the Heavy Vehicle National Laws and National Load Restraint Guidelines (2018) and appropriate State based regulations. Buyers to ensure that Transport companies are adequately aware and prepared with ample quantities of restraints to secure the lots.
6. NOTE: Transport companies must be site registered and approved prior to collection. Current site approved transport company is Regal Transport.
7. All Lots will be loaded by forklift by site approved staff only. Site forklifts have capability of 15T, anything above this weight will require crane lift which will come at additional charge and extended notice needed.

8. Buyer’s Transport company must present the PAID IN FULL remittance to site staff prior to loadout.

To bid in this auction you must be registered, if not already registered please do so by clicking the following link:

Maximum Bid
When placing a bid you have the option of placing a maximum bid which is the most you are prepared to pay for an item. The online system will then bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid but not beyond it. This means that you do not have to keep returning to the website to make sure you stay ahead of other bidders – the system does it for you.

It is possible for you to win this item at far less than your maximum bid amount.

If another buyer indicates a higher maximum than yours, then you will be outbid. We will send you an e - mail if this happens and you may return to the website and increase your maximum bid if you choose. Please note that e-mail can be unreliable at times and we advise you to always check before the close of an auction to see if you have been outbid.

If another buyer indicates exactly the same maximum amount as you have, then you will remain the highest bidder because you placed the earlier bid.

Auction Closing Time
Typically, auctions are over at their posted times. There are some exclusions to this however, if there are any bids on a particular lot within 2 minutes of the close of the auction that lot will be extended until such time as there are no bids within the last 2 minutes. Lots without a bid in the last 2 minutes will close as scheduled.

There is no limit to the number of times a lot can be extended; this makes the auction work more like a live auction where the bidding doesn’t stop as long as there is still interest in the item, rather than assigning an arbitrary cut - off time.

This means it is a good idea to watch the auction as it nears the closing time and check back often.

Winning an Item
It is possible to be the highest bidder on an item, but still not win the auction. This is because the vendor that owns the item may set a reserve price. If the item reaches the vendors reserve price it will be sold. However if bidding does not reach the vendor’s reserve then the item will not be sold. We will however negotiate with the high bidder at the close of the auction.

If you are the high bidder and the item meets the vendors reserve you will be sent notification of your success together with your invoice. If you are the high bidder and the item does not meet the vendor reserve you will receive an e-mail advising same and we will contact you to discuss


Lot 2 Lot 2

2x pallets containing CAT 994 wheel Loader

Lot 4 Lot 4

CAT Planetary carrier, to suit CAT 784B, 78

Highest Bid $50
Lot 5 Lot 5

CAT 785 Off Highway truck Wheel hub assembl

Highest Bid $50
Lot 6 Lot 6

2x CAT D10N Dozer Ripper shank assembly, un

Lot 7 Lot 7

Used CAT 789 Off Highway truck radiator.

Lot 8 Lot 8

Used CAT Oil tank, suit and model unknown.

Lot 9 Lot 9

Pallet containing 2x used hydraulic cylinde

Lot 10 Lot 10

Asset Number: 541 086

Lot 11 Lot 11

Skid containing a used hydraulic cylinder,

Lot 12 Lot 12

Skid containing a used hydraulic cylinder,

Lot 13 Lot 13

Pallet containing an unknown axle housing a

Lot 14 Lot 14

Pallet containing JCB Kingpost carriage. Pa

Lot 15 Lot 15

Pipe grab attachment.

Lot 16 Lot 16

2x CAT 994 Wheel Loader links.

Lot 17 Lot 17

Pallet containing a CAT hydraulic cylinder.

Lot 18 Lot 18

Pallet containing a CAT hydraulic cylinder.

Lot 19 Lot 19

A#: 4112429 3 or 9

Lot 20 Lot 20

2x CAT D10 Dozer push arms, used condition.

Lot 22 Lot 22

3x pallets containing rotary screw compress

Lot 23 Lot 23

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 24 Lot 24

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 25 Lot 25

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 26 Lot 26

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 27 Lot 27

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 29 Lot 29

Pallet containing a Terex O&K RH200 Tri-Pow

Lot 30 Lot 30

Terex O&K RH200 cylinder.

Lot 31 Lot 31

Pallet containing a Terex O&K RH200 Tri-Pow

Lot 32 Lot 32

Pallet containing a Terex O&K RH200 Tri-Pow

Lot 33 Lot 33

Terex O&K RH200 pin.

Lot 34 Lot 34

2x Terex O&K RH200 tank assembly.

Lot 35 Lot 35

Terex O&K RH200 stick pump.

Lot 36 Lot 36

Terex O&K RH200 stick cylinder.

Lot 37 Lot 37

Terex O&K RH200 oil tank, 2x air tanks.

Lot 38 Lot 38

Terex O&K RH200 cabin and platforms.

Lot 40 Lot 40

Terex O&K RH200 slew brake assembly.