Catalogue No: 348
Large Scaffolding Package including Approximate...
Date:14/02/2019 3:00:00 PM
Auction Listing Catalogue No: 348    Date:14/02/2019 3:00:00 PM
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1 Ladder Beams. Approx. 565x (L) 4.2m Ladder
Ladder Beams. Approx. 565x (L) 4.2m Ladder Beams. Approx. 10x (L) 4.8m Ladder Beams. Approx. 1636x (L) 6.0m Ladder Beams. Approx. 1450x (L) 6.3m Ladder Beams. Approx. 1x (L) 3.0m Ladder Beams. LVL Timber Planks. Approx. 657x LVL 450mm Timber Planks. Approx. 1100x LVL 0.6m Timber Planks. Approx. 2000x LVL 0.9m Timber Planks. Approx. 500x LVL 2.1m Timber Planks. Scaffold Tube. Approx. 1777x 300mm Tubes. Approx. 10168x 600mm Tubes. Access Transoms. Approx. 130x (L) 1.2m Access Transoms. Approx. 49x (L) 1.8m Access Transoms. Approx. 411x (L) 1.6m Standard Access Transoms. Transoms. Approx. 2579x 1.8m Transoms. Timber Ladders. Approx. 5x 6.0m Timber Ladders. Approx. 27x 4.8m Timber Ladders. Approx. 22x 4.2m Timber Ladders. Approx. 23x 3.6m Timber Ladders. Approx. 1x 3.0m Timber Ladders. Approx. 2x 2.4m Timber Ladders. Fibreglass Ladders. Approx. 7x 4.8m Fibreglass Ladders. Approx. 4x 4.2m Fibreglass Ladders. Approx. 10x 3.6m Fibreglass Ladders. Modular Systems. Approx. 38x 1.0m Stair Stringer. Approx. 31x 2.0m Stair Stringer. Miscellaneous. Approx. 217x Slab Edge Handrail Posts. Approx. 141x L/A Swing arm Gates (Yellow Left-hand). Approx. 133x L/A Swing arm Gates (Red Right-hand). Approx. 114x L/A Gate-Safegate self-closing. ****NOTE: Inspection is highly regarded prior to putting forward a bid or offer, these are approximate inventory listings.**** ****NOTE: All the above noted items are sold in one Lot, There are no screw jacks included at all**** Loadout and Collection Terms. 1. All stock to be collected no later than Thursday 28th February 2019. 2. Minimum 48 hours’ notice of pick-up required (phone Clinton on 0408 690 416) 3. All Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws to be adhered by in full. 4. All trailers loaded will be done so within legislated load limits and in accordance with the Heavy Vehicle National Laws and National Load Restraint Guidelines (2018) and appropriate State based regulations. Buyers to ensure